Kmail does not allow to create a new folder any more

Since many years my emails are located in subfolders of /home/karl/Mail e.g. /home/karl/Mail/somebody. I created many subfolders but now I am no longer offered the menu item to add folders to /home/karl/Mail. Any idea?

Known bug:


  • as it is a maildir, you can create the folder manually with dolphin e.g.
  • run akonadiconsole and add it there (on the “Browse” tab)

Created a new folder with Dolphin, but the folder does not show up in Kmail

  • run akonadiconsole and add it there (on the “Browse” tab)
    Invoked akonadiconsole > Browser > select folder “Mail” > New Folder. That folder showed up in Kmail and I succeeded with moving mail to this folder.:slight_smile:

It should, I did exactly this yesterday… (with the latest KF5 version though) :wink:
But you probably have to restart KMail, or it better should not run at all when you do that. At least you might have to synchronize the mail dir manually (right-click on the “account” and select “Synchronize”).

Using akonadiconsole is preferable though, and it works with all account types, not just maildirs.

Behaviour of kmail is completely unreproducible: Sometimes I succeed in quitting kmail, creating the folder, restarting kmail and synchronizing the folder created outside, sometimes kmail will never display the created folder, regardless how often I try synchronizing, sometimes kmail will display the folder but hang on moving mail to it. I even managed to quit kmail, delete the folder, restart kmail with the folder still being there, regardless how hard I tried to synchronize.

Thus kmail is the only piece of software which shows unreproducible behaviour on my machine.