kmail crush when I write an email

Today I upgraded my kde desktop to version kde 4.1.1 everything seemed to be ok since I tried to write an email with kmail, every time I start to write kmail crushes . Does someone know what to do ?

What does ‘which kmail’ show? Also, provide the error messages that you see if you start kmail from the console.

I actually prefer claws-mail with plugins, as that seems to work better. Use firefox3 instead of konqueror, as konqueror does not handle javascript well. Uninstalled koffice2, installed openoffice. Koffice2 crashed all the time. These last 2 should tell you that kde4 is nice, but many of the applications built for it are not yet ready.

I have the same issue since yesterday’s update, too. Kmail keeps crashing constantly as soon as I try to write an e-mail. I type the first few words and the whole app closes.

I started Kmail from an terminal, which unveiled that the dictionaries caused the trouble:

Enchant dict for “en_US” 0x8576708
Enchant dict for “en_US” 0x8576708
Enchant dict for “en_US” 0x8576708
Enchant dict for “de” 0x86e49f0
*** KMail got signal 11 (Crashing)
KCrash: Application ‘kmail’ crashing…

Fix: Open a new composer window (do not type anything!), and disable spellchecking in the options menu.

This worked for me!

See KDE 4.1.1 apps die because of spellchecker - openSUSE Forums for fix