Kmail and Firefox : sending web pages

can you please help me to link kmail and firefox,
i’m trying to send links from firefox with kmail.
Thanks :wink:

Don’t you just get a choice of what mail client when you click on a mail link, with a remember choice? i.e the feedback link at the bottom of the page.

Certainly here I do.

Mmm misreading this I think I’m not sure any more what is trying to be achieved.

Edit 2
Ok found it in the menu same applies

from firefox : i’d like to send links to web pages using kmail email client :wink:

Have it working on 10.3 and KDE 3.5 (FF

The only thing I did (IIRC) is setting in about:config the parameter to kmailservice.

I got there in the end are you saying you don’t get a box like this?

Sorry, the correct answer to thewrong question :shame:

Mine was how you get Kmail when you click on a mailto:: link.

feather : i’m not sure what you’re talking about : when do you get this box ?

hcw : i added the about:config stuff, i need to restart firefox now to be sure if it works or not, what i’m looking for is to be able to send a friend a link pointing to an interesting web page i’m reading , this using firefox right click option (send a link to this page) and the mail being sent using kmail .
It usually works from scratch with thunderbird when i right click and use “send a link to this page” option.
Now i’m using kmail and this right click option does not work if you do not add some stuff in about:config
Let me restart firefox so that i can tell you if hcw stuff worked or not :wink:

edit : hcw, i tried what you said in os 11.1 and kde 4.2.2 KDE
Version 4.2.2 (KDE 4.2.2) “release 112”, it does not work for me :frowning:

I get it it either way whether I click on page or file and find it there.

I do think it is the mail conf though. Also running vanilla ff no Suse tweaking.

when i click i’ve got nothing in return

i had tried /usr/bin/kmail before , not working either

Any more tweaking ideas ?

I used Edit/preferences / applications/mailto in firefox and put there /usr/bin/kmail , it now gives me ‘use kmail’ for mailto

i have also have with /usr/bin/kmail in about:config
There must be something missing still :
When i right click on firefox it opens a new mail window in kmail but without the link from the website :frowning: