Kmail and address book

Hi when I try to write email, and enter the first few letters of the recipient in the “to:” box, it sometimes but not always autocompletes…
ie let’s say my contact’s name is Frederick, his address is eg
I enter Fred or fred or fre, a couple of addresses come in to the autocomplete drop-down, but not his. After searching all over over to find his address by other means, I start to write it in manually only to find that he IS in my address book (and also in recent addresses), listed under Freddie. I know that the word Freddie is not in his actual address, but what is the point of having a search function if you have to remember the address yourself?
In other words surely the drop down search should show display names (as well as any other fields)?

Also surely to G*d when I HAVE manually written in an address, there should be a way to right-click or toolbar button to “add to address book”…
Am I somehow using the wrong combo of mail client/address book?
(any suggestions to go back to “Outlook” or Outlook Express" will be placed in the “Not Funny” pile… :slight_smile:
Are these not compatible?

You only have to go to: Unusable Kaddressbook 4.4.5 in openSUSE 11.2 to see that the Kaddressbook of KDE 4.4.4 is not what it should be.

TY Henk;
Hmmm AFAIK it has always been this way? Not just > 4.4.x … Any suggestions for a nicer email/contact client? I only have about 100 friends :frowning: , I don’t organise meetings or birthdays… it can’t be difficult…
A Rolodex would be more reliable!
Could this be to do with the shambolic train crash that is akonadi/strigi/nepomuk/virtuoso/soprano etc etc?

From your link:

So, please be patient and supportive some more years.


Continue conversation at Henk’s thread, to save duplicatons…:
Unusable Kaddressbook 4.4.5 in openSUSE 11.2

Possible solution here:
Kmail: Imported my contacts in adressbook, but new mail doesn’t see them