KMail agents stops "working"

IS there a way of ensuring that the KMail akonadi agents doesn’t “stop working”. Checking mail, gives me no new mails in a few days (not even spam) so opening akonadiconsole shows the IMAP agents reporting “Server not found” (or somesuch). Restarting the agent, then chosing “Synch all” brings all new mail to KMail.

Slightly annoying - is it fixable? Is there a way to automate this as a work-around if not?


  1. Are you certain that, performing “fsck” and “vacuum” from “akonadictl” doesn’t help?
  2. Are there any entries in ~/.local/share/sddm/xorg-session.log which indicate why the Akonadi IMAP processes died?

I’ll try those, and hopefully it will be sufficient.
Else I’ll check the log. Thanks.

Yep that worked - thanks!

Or so I thought … When loging in this morning and starting Kontact I got all new mail. Then when looking at akonadiconsole later IMAP again had the status “Server not found”. I had to restart and resynch to get new spam …

Hrmpf …