klipper in system tray don't open with ctrl+alt+V

on my opensuse 12.3, in my system tray settings>entries I have klipper visibility = always visible and keyboard shortcut = ctrl+alt+V, but, if I press ctrl+alt+V nothing happen, (in another suse 12.3 installation it works…), I checked klipper general configuration>shortcuts but I cannot see anything about that action, only “open klipper at mouse position” but if I try to assign at this action the ctrl+alt+V combination it says me that it conflict with plasma action. How can I have my klipper working with shortcuts???
thanx, ciao , pier :slight_smile:

goto systemsettings>shortcuts and gestures>global keyboard shortcuts>kde component: tab>plasma desktop shell and in the window below choose “SystemTray-Klipper-6” (the one with the capital “T” in Tray) and choose the standard shortcut and when asked chose “reassign”.
in my system there was two, SystemTray-Klipper-6 and Systemtray-Klipper-6, the second didn’t works.
ciao :slight_smile: pier