Klipper 12.1

Question: has the Klipper issue been solved in 12.1? In 11.4 the shortcut ctrl+alt+v had double association, so the pop-up menu would not pop-up. One had to reassign the shortcut from system tray settings > entries > Klipper to a random key and then switch back to ctrl+alt+v, which generated a conflict with the global key association for the same application and make the Klipper menu half-operative (one can choose between history entries with ctrl+alt+up/down or simply up/down, then hit enter to activate clipboard content, escape to close the pop and ctrl+v to paste the content…so it’s a looong way). Is this issue solved?

I never had a problem with 11.4.

In 12.1, there’s an annoying popup that shows up whenever I select something. Fortunately, I was able to disable that.

I think that answers your question, even if only indirectly.

Ok. Is there a clipboard manager which allows to associate numbers with history items, so that I can access them by a key combination and paste the content directly? I thought of parcellite, but first I have to access history and scroll to an item, then paste it (as in Klipper). I couldn’t find an easier way.