Kleopatra starting automatically


When I start Linux (Open Suse 11.1) Klepopatra starts automatically in a window, which I have to shut. (Theres no link in “~/.kde4/Autostart”. Why is it starting automatically and how can I get it to stop doing so?

Thanks in adavnce.

In the autostart section of Desktop Config - Advanced, you can add the app for no startup of apps.

Or look at setting the startup session as empty.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Where/what is “Desktop Config - Advanced”?
(Note: Even though I have the language set to “English” in YAST, many Guis, including K-menu and Dolphin are displayed in German. Any idea why? So this might be named differently on my system?)

Im also cusious as to how Kleopatra managed to get itself starting automatically? Are there many possibilities for an app to start itself like that at system start?

Thanks again.

From the Start Button go to: Configure desktop - then
Advanced tab
Then Autostart
Fiddle with it because it’s got a mind of it own this section at times.

The session manager is in the same Advanced section
Start with Empty Session.

You have set Session Management to restore the previous session. So, just quit Kleopatra entirely, log out and back in, and it should not start anymore.

The language problem: restart your KDE. Any new app should be in the language chosen.

Thanks for the helpful replies.

> in the autostart section of Desktop Config - Advanced, you can add
>the app for no startup of apps.

I found where youre talking about now, thanks.
However I wasnt sure how to add Kleopatra. Id have to know the path to the executable file. I cantt seem to find this path from the icon in the control panel (or whatever this is called in English…is this whats meant by a a"Plasmoid"?), or in
Start Button, nor by searching in YAST-Software Management.

>The session manager is in the same Advanced section

I set the session mananger to start with an empty session at login. Then logged off and on again, but Kleopatra started automatically again.

Go to edit menu from the start button
find the app in the list

Like this example for Opera

see the command section
all you probably need is opera in this case

Thanks for the suggestion.

I couldn’t find it there (and there seems to be no way of searching except to “browse”)