Kjots & Kalarm:

I have suse 10.3.
I like to use kjots and kalarm but there only one bug, kjots cannot be saved as a txt file only as a html.book. I know i could save it as a txt file before, this happen only after a regular online update.(Every day security update.)???
As for kalarm was never able to use a sound file as a wake up call.
I tried mp3,wav,oggs even the regular sound file from kde with no success. Is there a work around this issue for kalarm. I have a other OS and everything work fine with that one and if i look at the setup every thing look ok from my point of view.
I can use mp3,ogg,wav and even regular sound from kde. I google it and nothing came up that irregular to what i have.?? (I am a rookie maybe i don’t see it.)