Kiwi-ltsp openSUSE 11.2 installing error?


I have little trouble whit kiwi-ltsp.
I have installed 11.2 to my server. I’m using two network cards.

What i have to do next?

I configured my network cards and installed easy-ltsp. And i have made
prebuilted image.

Thin client find’s pxe boot, and there start screen Welcome to openSUSE Kiwi-LTSP.

There is option:


When i press kiwi-ltsp nothing happens? Just automatic boot counter
start again beginning.

same trouble
any suggestion?


It happens to you because you don`t have an image of linux where to start.

Download descargar - kiwi-ltsp - SourceForge.JP . Inside locate file i386.img and copy to /srv/kiwi-ltsp

excuse my English

This gets me through the boot menu, but then I get an error saying a network driver couldn’t be loaded.

Try the latest kiwi-ltsp-prebuilt and kiwi-ltsp-bootimages packages.

If you have the same issue with that let me what what network card do you use on the client, you may have to rebuild the bootimage with that driver if it is missing.



PS. See if you need support related to kiwi-ltsp.