kiwi-ltsp for 11.4

Dear All,

I hope kiwi-ltsp is also an application :slight_smile: and I can post this question here :

on the kiwi-ltsp portal Portal:KIWI-LTSP - openSUSE
I see little of no info on OpenSuse 11.4.
When I download kiwi-ltsp-prebuilt.ymp from Index of / I
get packages that I think are actualy from 11.3

Does anybody know if / when kiwi-ltsp for 11.4 will surface?

thanks for any advise.



you can use this link :

to get the .ymp file for 11.4



hi lenwolf,

thanks for the reply.

Usualy I don’t use easy-ltsp, I download the prebuilt package and edit everything from yast.
So if I would download easy ltsp, I think I still would be stuck with packages that say 11.3 in
and that give me the same issues I had with 11.3…

greetings, J


well if you go there : Search Results

I think you can download the prebuilt package for 11.4.



thanks again for the reply, Lenwolf

I just downloaded that and trying it now.

I must say under /usr/share/kiwi/image/ltsp it still says 11.3, but I guess this should work.

thanks again!!



you’re most welcome, I just hope it works!


We are still using 11.3 prebuilt image on 11.4 due to icon rendering bug in gnome on 11.4, if you want to use kde exclusively then you can try rebuilding image using 11.4 repositories.

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