kirocker, wxvlc and ktorrent flags in 11.1 KDE 3.5.10

I made the stupid mistake of upgrading to 11.1 from a fully functional and perfectly satisfactory 10.3 installation. I decided to stick with KDE 3.5 to avoid problems. Can anyone tell me:-

  1. If it is possible to install the invaluable kirocker applet which shows what amarok is doing; I really miss it.

  2. Why (having installed VLC and selected it as default player of AVIs) I get a message saying “Cannot launch wxvlc … cannot find wxvlc executable” if I click on a AVI file. If I drag the file into a pre-launched VLC player, it works fine. It would be handy, however, to be able to just click on an AVI and have VLC play it. I cannot find an installable wxvlc anywhere.

  3. Ktorrent 3.1.5 (“using KDE 4.1.3”) is working fine, complete with DHT, with the sole exception the the country and flag for peers’ IP addresses do not appear. I have followed advice and obtained a geoip directory and put it in the right place, with no joy. Has anyone got this feature to work? I miss it!

It’s a simple fix for this.

Right click your vlc shortcut. Select Icon settings then the Program tab. Change the command field from wxvlc to vlc and it works.