kiosk-tool has limited effect

I’m using the kiosk-tool in a thin-client environment.
One group of users is assigned to a profile called ThinClientSchüler. In this profile I deleted some programs in k-menu/internet and no programs with root-access should be visible.
The users still get full access to all submenus and programs when they are logged in at a thin-client.
Logged in on the server directly some submenus are as I wanted them (internet), others are still unchanged with full access to all programs (e.g. konsole for system administrator).
Does anybody know what could be the reason for this strange behaviour?


when I wrote my request I saw that in the name of the profile there was a letter ü. I changed the name to ThinClientSchueler.
Now the user gets the same k-menu at the thin-client as at the server directly.
But still some submenus are visible.
Every time I try to change the k-menu of the profile ThinClientSchueler with the kiosk-tool I find some menus unchanged altough I changed them the last time.
Still worried. :’(