Kios dies suddenly - alternatives?

Trying to copy my music to an android phone on a microSD card.
It all goes along well, and then a pop up telling me kios5(?) stopped. Something asks for a restart, but it doesn’t.
And there is no ‘bug’ reporting for it.

is there something I can install, or use to do these sort of copy operations.

I hate to say this, but I’m in Windows7 doing the copy. Which I don’t want to be but…

I should have mentioned I was doing the ‘copy’ from one Dolphin screen to another Dolphin instance.

Probably will try it with mc or Krusader. Those may bypass some of the kde peculiarities.

Are you trying to copy files to an SD card mounted on your computer, or are you using the KDE Connect app on Android? If the latter are both ends of the link at compatible versions?

The microSD card(s) are in android phones(1 older 1 very new). Both failed during the copy, I’m wasn’t copying to both at the same of course?
i don’t know what you mean by ‘ ends of the link at compatible versions’, and I don’t even know what KDE Connect is or if it is being used.

I know what KDE Connect is now.
One phone can’t add the app(the older android), and the app is not on the new android. I can add it if necessary, but I need both phones to do copies without a crash.

sorry to say, but doing the same copy(s) in Windows didn’t require anything special, and I suspect, Leap 15.2 doesn’t either.
just saying.

That’s not a solution but I always copy files to my Android devices over SSH (I do this also from Windows PCs). There is this app that works really well for me:
The only issue is it starts the SSH server on a port different than 22 because it doesn’t require rooting your Android device.