kio_thumbnail eating RAM and swap..

I have searched for this, but not found any relevant info.
What is kio_thumbnail, what process generate it? and why it is eating all the memory?.

Any body got experience with it, any ideas, any info. How to over come on it.


It’s a process to generate the mini images on the icons in file manager (like konqueror) to have an icon that represents a small image for each image file.
You can disable it by unclicking the right entry in the konqueror menu :
view > preview > images
This option is slowing down system speed on platforms with slow hard drives.
The mini-images generated for each image file, called thumbnails, are stored in the ~/.thumbnails directory.

Thanks, that was useful information. but as i am using dolphin so in this case it is dolphin.

By disabling it for each folder is pain in the neck…any idea to disable it at one time.

Well i suppose there must be some configuration entry in the dolphin menu to do what you want. Sorry i don’t use dolphin , it’s kde4 stuff. And kde4 still lacks some essential features for me.

I’m getting this issue too! My computer was chugging and I couldn’t figure out why. I opened “top” and saw about 20 processes all named kio_thumbnail and each one taking a lot of memory!

A thumbnail should not be that intensive!