Kio-gdrive only gives permissions for uploading to youtube

Trying to get gdrive working in krusader, and after installing kio-gdrive, when creating account only get youtube permissions, even though while creating it, it tells me I am giving full access to my drive…
Found a similar issue in the ubuntu forum, and uninstalling/reinstalling fixed it, but have now done this several times, and still no joy…
Any clues?

Sorry that I don’t have an immediate answer. I’ve found that I’ve had issues in the faraway past with 3rd party apps to access my Google Drive.

I guess I was also a bit paranoid allowing a 3rd party tool to have my credentials.

On our Android devices, we simply use the GDrive app, and at the computer (laptop/ desktop), it’s just too easy to fire up a browser and access the dedicated Google app.

But yea, I understand some folks have a specific use case for other tools. :+1: