kinternet smpppd policykit

Hi everyone.
I’ve got trouble operating KINTERNET since update to OpenSuse 11.1, and I noticed in this forum that others have similar problems.
The source of the trouble seems to be related to policykit, because running cinternet responds with “smpppd refused the connection: unprivileged, missing ord.opensuse.smpppd.connect”. kinternet starts but has all menu options disabled. I can run kinternet as root user, though.
Any help would be appreciated!

You may need to add the relevant user(s) to the ‘dialout’ group first. You can do this from

YaST -> Security and Users -> User and Group Management

Hopefully, thats all there is to it.

That doesn’t help. It was the first thing I checked.

Sorry, you’re correct. Recent changes to smpppd mean that access is now controlled via PolicyKit.

I’m still using opensuse 11, and PolicyKit changes frequently. Have a look at the /usr/share/PolicyKit/policy directory to see what policy files are included and check configuration. (Many users have had to hand-edit the storage policy in the past in order to get user access for example).

Good luck.

Thanks for the tip. It didn’t help, though. The file org.opensuse.smpppd.policy was present, and I changed allow_any and allow_inactive from auth_admin_keep_always to yes (allow_active was already yes). The problem persisted. Are there any other places I have to check?

Thats all I know about. Only reference I could find here. Maybe you should contact the developers directly, or file a bug report.

It was a configuration problem after all (didn’t know how to use policykit). Must call
polkit-auth --obtain org.opensuse.smpppd.connect
This will create an entry in a file /var/lib/PolicyKit/user-xyz.auths, and then everythign works fine.

Good result.

I wonder if somebody still is keeping track of this: I granted access to my user using polkit-auth --grant … but it didn’t change nothing (polkit-auth --obtain even only worked for root, but not for the user). In /var/lib/PolicyKit I found the file and is says that rights are granted but I still don’t see no network-device in the kinternet menu and smpppd is still stopped after having finished the configuration of the network-device.:frowning:
Any advice?

polkit-auth --obtain org.opensuse.smpppd.connect
must be executet by the intended user of kinternet.

polkit-auth --obtain org.opensuse.smpppd.connect
must be executet by the intended user of kinternet.