kinternet error

I just installed openSUSE 11.0. I used ndiswrapper get my drivers to work and I configured my wireless card in Yast. However, I am getting an error message from Kinternet about it not connecting to the server. It suggests that maybe smpppd is not running, I am not a member of the group dialout, or to go into various settings to change something. The strange thing is though, that I can use the internet. I can use the package manager to install software from online repositories and I can go into firefox and browse the web. I am not sure if I have another program running that is connecting (maybe network manager or something). Also, I have heard kinternet isn’t good for networks with wpa-psk encryption. So is there another program I should use. Thanks in advance.

Hi, on openSUSE 11.0 smpppd isn’t running by default so u have to enable it.

go to yast


system services (runlevel)

enable smpppd

setup the connection and do a reboot