kinternet doesn't display a application launch


I recently installed kinternet from a repository and when I enter Menu -> Applications -> Internet, there is no kinternet application.

I need this, to display the icon in the tray bar, so I can see if internet is connected or not, and if it isn’t I connect clicking on the icon.

Thanks for any feedback


right-click the menu button (the green lizard button) and choose edit menu. there you can add the icon and shortcut under any group you want.

Open the system settings and choose the Startup option. there you can add this application to run on startup.

The problem is that I installed the package kinternet-0.75-305.5.i586.rpm but if I search for kinternet anywhere I don’t find it. (e.g. If I search in the search of the menu, it doesn’t displayed)

did you try to run it from the console ? i believe the command is simply “kinternet” (without the quotes).
if this works than you can simply create a shortcut for it the menu or even on your desktop.

kinternet from console brings this result:

If ‘kinternet’ is not a typo you can use command-not-found to lookup the package that contains it, like this:
cnf kinternet

I think I’ll remove kinternet and install it again. I have no much options to do.

is that the dialer to connect to the internet ?
if so, try kppp, or look under the Internet group for “internet dialer”

Well… it seems the problem is solved. Apparently one packed was browken and the kinternet was depending on that package. When I was trying with is kinternet issue I was updating my computer for fixes, and when it finished, the kinternet icon appears in the menu (and I didn’t do something extra)

Thanks you so much for your interest.

Issue Closed !! :))