kinternet does not work

I have openSUSE 11.I have configured PPPoE Broadband Internet Connection.Also I have installed Kinternet.In system tray icon for kinternet dial-in and Hang-up options are disabled.How can I enable it to make Kinternet work properly.:frowning:

You have to configure Kinternet first in Yast / Network Devices / Modems. Then, you usually need to reboot for the changes to take effect. HTH.

You know, I had the same problem, I managed to configure wireless connection (which works but apparently only by choosing " Start by boot (or sth.similar…)" option) but discarded using kinternet; even after configuring wireless access kinternet still does not work. Now I’m trying to configure a DSL connection (external device) and it does not work with Yast / Network Devices / DSL, I supposed it is because there is no internal device for DSL and configuration is meant to be for internal devices. How can I configure an external DSL connection? rp-pppoe packet??
Thank you in advance!

AFAIK, kinternet only works when you are using a modem, be it a regular dial up modem or a wireless broadband card set up as a modem.

If you have a live internet connection though an ethernet port via DSL, it should just “work” without any configuration. I am not sure exactly which program handles it though.

It doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue: …Anyway I did not describe connection very well: through ethernet it works with a ADSL modem (ethernet cable connected to ethernet interface :slight_smile: , then ethernet cable to the ADSL modem (or router), telephone cable (RJ-11) to the …wall…beautiful description…).

The thing is I need to store my username for the ISP provider and configure netw. settings so that a password for connection with the ISP is required…How should I do all this?
Thanks for replying!!

If you are using pppoe to connect to internet via ADSL modem, you can refer to the following post that shows how to install pppoe connection on openSUSE.
Bryan’s technical world: Using pppoe connect to internet (kde or gnome) on openSUSE

THanks! I will have a look at it, but I think it’s again the same doc I read yesterday, and if so, it is exactly how I configured the network connection before and did not work. The thing is my ADSL connection is external, I do not have an internal ADSL device in the laptop, it`s an external modem I have. (That is what I was trying to describe as EXACT as possible in my last post…)

I`m using openSUSE 11.0 on a laptop (core 2 duo…)