Kino-1.3.4 Non-functional in openSUSE 12.3

Hi all,
I have recently installed SUSE-12.3 with Gnome3 desktop on my Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop (i586). Kino was working perfectly well in earlier SUSE version 11.3. With this new install, I face the following problems in Kino:
1): In ‘Export’ tab the ‘MPEG’ sub-tab is completely dimmed and non-operative. 'mjpegtools-2.0.0-8.1.1, have already been installed. Reinstall via packman site also has not helped.
2): A loaded clip when replayed in the preview window, just runs away to the end without any sound.

Help on these counts would be most appreciated.


Being a former kino user, I suggest you move to kdenlive. First because kino is no longer being developped, second because it’s leaning on KDE3. With kdenlive you’ll find that all the features kino has are there, plus a lot of extras.

Thanks a lot for you info and suggestion. Will try kdenlive. What is the learning curve involved?




I was the originator of this thread. I did some further research and found that what you need for MPEG tab to come alive is ‘mjpegtools19’ with its ‘devel’ and ‘lib’ packages. You need to uninstall the old ‘mjpegtools’. After that the MPEG tab in ‘Export’ functions perfectly well.