Kindle Fire development with OpenSUSE

I want to do Android development on my Kindle Fire with my OpenSUSE 12.1 laptop. However, the Android Debug Bridge (adb) doesn’t see my Kindle Fire when I connect it. So I can’t even get started. The process to getting adb to see the Kindle Fire involves installing the Android SDK, adding the device id to an ini file, enabling debuging on the device, and (optionally) creating udev rules for the device. Still, adb does not report any connected devices when I do adb devices. However it works on my Ubuntu desktop, so in the meantime I will have to use that. While I may have made some kind of mistake, I wanted to report my experience here in case there was something else going on.

On 05/29/2012 03:26 AM, briankb wrote:
> installing the Android SDK

i wonder where you got the SDK from, and how you installed it…could be
that is the problem (all the underlying
connections/configurations/library registrations were not made)…

did you, for example, use YaST or ???


Thanks for taking the time to respond. Eclipse wasn’t available in the default repository. So I started by downloading the 32bit Eclipse Classic tar file from After reading here on the forumabout how other people had set it up on opensuse, I extracted the archive to my home folder and ran ~/eclipse/eclipse. I then installed the ADT plugin using the “Help > Install New Software…” wizard in Eclipse. It completed without any errors or warnings.

ok, i still guess you have some kind of an install/setup problem and i
can’t help any more than to tell you what i would do if it were my
machine, and problem:

i’d PM ‘please_try_again’ and ‘malcolmlewis’ ask them to look in on this
thread <> and advise
you on the next steps…

[which might be to install both eclipse and android sdk from this

and, for next time i’d suggest that this question would have been better
positioned to catch their interest if it had a subject line like
“Eclispe & Android SDK/ADT install on 12.1”…and, i would have put the
thread into the programming forum here:
because that is where more ‘programmers’ hang out


Not sure if it will help you, but I recently got my Optimus V working via ADB on openSUSE 12.1 I talked about it