killing Xorg

unfortunately I killed Xorg process by mistake from top in terminal. now i cannot again start opensuse…
my opensuse version is 12.3
thanks for any help in advance.

What happens when you try to start opensuse?

Normally it should work just fine even after killing Xorg…
So did you do something else before killing the X server?
Maybe you started an update that was interrupted due to your forced logout?

before killing Xorg,

I was in the middle of the updating opensuse; but when I restart OpenSuse, now it come up but there is no desktop!!? nothing on the screen!!!

OK, so your update was interrupted as I suspected. You seem to have an incompatible mix of packages on your system now, because some were updated and some not.

Login to text mode with username “root” and your standard password, and try to continue the update:

zypper up

I checked that, still not working,
when I do “startx”
there is an error:
pci device is boot vga not found?

Hm, never saw anything like that.
And what is in /var/log/Xorg.0.log?
Or check “dmesg” for errors.

Does booting an older kernel or “Recovery Mode” work? (“Advanced options” in boot menu")

Please check which updates you did install. Maybe one package did only get installed partially.

rpm -qa --last | less

Try to reinstall the last one before you killed X with “zypper in -f packagename