Killed KDE4 with updates

I was trying to get my microphone to work with skype, so I went around looking for updates to the packages that said were required. I updated D Bus, libasound, libpulse, and bluZ, when I updated libpulse it said it was going to break some gnome package that I didnt care about so I let it. Now ANY kde program takes a very long time to load. Konsole loads in about 1 minute, plasma takes about 45mins to come up and hangs every time a dialog should open. The terminal throws hundreds of thousands of error complaining about negative sizes and null passes and some depreciations. I have tried rolling back libpulse but it didn’t help, and I have tried completly wiping my kde settings but it’s just as slow. I have even tried updating every single package to do with kde to the stable releases to no avail. Can anyone help me.

Remove or disable all repos but the defaults OSS, NON-OSS, Updates

then do this as su -

zypper dup

You might try go into another window manager (e.g. icewm) and roll back every package you installed during that operation. You can use this command to get a registry of the packages modified: rpm -qa --last | less (type command in konsole). Then erase tmp content and reboot and log into kde again.

If the operation in the first place involved adding a new repo into yast, you should remove it and perhaps only use the official ones (oss, non-oss, update) until you get things sorted out, perhaps with the exception of packman (if you used it).

Just a suggestion anyway:)