Killed 11.3 and XP dual boot

OpenSUSE 11.3 and Windows XP are on the same hard drive with a dual boot option from GRUB. More space was needed for XP, so I resized partitions to create more room for XP using PartedMagic. I moved free space at the end of home (sda7) into the XP’s C: (sda2). I’ve done this before (less space for XP and more for 11.3) without a problem but made a mess of it this time.

When done, the computer would hang with a blank screen after giving the options for CMOS. Eventually I was able to get WinXP to boot into the new, larger partition but have completely lost the ability to dual boot.

Using a LiveDVD, I can mount the three oS 11.3 partitions with swap (sda5), root (sda6), and home (sda7). Each is there in it’s modified form and/or new location on the drive and I can access files in sda7.

I’ve found HowTos for creating a dual boot system but nothing that helps with recovering from my mistake.

How do I get back the dual boot option from GRUB?

Would an “upgrade” or “new” installation of oS 11.3 work? Something else?

Mark Z.

The solution was to reinstall GRUB. It took a while to figure out because I didn’t know what to ask.

Here’s where I found the answer: [HowTo Boot into openSUSE when it won’t Boot from the Grub Code on the Hard Drive]( grub)

Another problem was not knowing that the login for the Rescue System is “root”.