Kile, LyX and Texlive

For Kile and LyX users moving to 12.3 and TeXLive 2012, the ‘default’ installation of TeXLive now omits many packages which were in the ‘default’ 2011 version. You can either select ‘TeXLive’ in and open the list of package groups and then install the ones you think you need - ‘LaTeXExtra’ being one obvious omission - or you can search for ‘texlive’ in YaST>Software Management and check the individual packages you normally use which haven’t been installed. This will result in a much larger number of individual packages being installed because if you just select just one individual package in a package group, you will get the rest of them.

I found all this out the hard way after finding that documents which had compiled perfectly under TeXLive 2011 with no additional packages would not compile at all under TeXLive 2012.