Kickoff Menu Widget (Application Launcher) is not Loaded after Update

My System is openSUSE 12.2 (x86_64) KDE 4.9.4. After running update (zypper patch) today (about UTC 20130305-23:50) the panel kickoff menu widget is not loaded. Instead there is a square red icon with white X. When I hover mouse the message says “Unable to load widget. Could not find requested component: simplelauncher.” zypper wp simplelauncher says: No providers of ‘simplelauncher’ found. Reinstalling kdebase4-workspace did not help.

What is the correct name of this widget, which package provides it and how should I fix this? Thanks!

Unable to fix this. Upgraded system to KDE 4.10. A few errors but kickoff restored and system otherwise OK so far.

No further assistance needed. Thanks for reading.