Kickoff launcher icon location

Can someone tell me where the default kickoff launcher icon is for 42.2? I changed the launcher icon a long time ago under 42.1 and I’d like to change it to the default (the openSUSE default). I just upgraded to 42.2 and it is still using my old launcher icon. Thanks.

The default launcher in openSUSE is “Kicker” since 42.1, not “Kickoff”.

To change the icon back to the default, just right-click on it and choose “Application Menu Settings”, then untick the checkbox “Use custom image”.

If you really mean “Kickoff”:
Open the settings similar to above and click on the icon box. You should get a popup menu asking whether you want to choose a new icon, or reset the icon.
At least that’s the case in 5.9.5 here, I’m not sure about 5.8.6 in standard 42.2.

If that isn’t possible, I’d suggest to just remove the application launcher and re-add it (click on the panel toolbox icon and then on “Add Widgets”).

The default “icon” is not really an icon, but rather a component of the Plasma/desktop theme.