Kickoff Application Launcher: Lost Favorites

After updating (openSUSE 20180129, I think) a few days ago, one of my four computers on openSUSE lost all of the favorites from the Kickoff application launcher. I’ve tried - with no luck - to determine where they might be stored.

I’ve done numerous ‘Add to Favorites’ reloads, but it’s always kaput after logout/login or reboot.

Suggestions, anyone?

They are stored in kactivitymanagerd since a while, to allow different Favorites per activity.

Maybe try to remove its database, ~/.local/share/kactivitymanagerd/, it might have become broken for some reason.
You’ll also lose the recently used applications and documents though.

Btw, there haven’t been any related updates in the last few days.

Thank you very much!

Apparently the database got hammered somehow, but all is well once again.