Kicker application disappeared

Ok, I’m an idiot for getting myself into this mess!

I installed a theme and didn’t like it. In order to remove it I had to manually delete all the files. The Kmenu icon did not leave me however.

So I thought I might remove kicker and reinstall it. Using Yast I removed kicker. Didn’t solve my problem. I removed everything name ‘kicker’ off my system (and here is where I went wrong I think) and after using YAST to reinstall kicker it didn’t start for me.

When my system starts I get a error message saying kicker couldn’t start due to a problem with the installation. I have no taskbar or a kmenu. Running konsole and running kicker gives me command not found. Doing it as root has the same result.

I dug around and notice my executable ‘kicker’ is gone. No wonder it can’t start.

Does anyone know how to get the kicker executable back without doing a reinstall (again :))

Thanks for any help provided.

If your kicker executable file is gone you will have to reinstall kdebase3.

Yes, thank you. I found that out this morning after thinking about it for a while. Reinstalling kdebase3 is indeed the sollution. I found this out by searching for kicker in YAST with the rpm provides box ticked. Thanks for the help Cryovac!