I have recently installed OpenSuse and have KGpg installed, previously I was using PGP Desktop via Windows XP. The program encrypts / decrypts files and emails fine and I have my keys imported from PGP Desktop.

However I have one problem. When I enter the key to decrypt a file or email either KGpg or KDE is remembering the key and if I click on a second file it doesn’t ask for the key again, it just automatically opens the file / email. It used to do this in windows PGP Desktop but I was able to find a way to switch it off. I think it was in one of the menus.

Can I do the same in OpenSuse, I want it to force the entry of the key everytime regardless of the time passed since the last time the key was entered???



I would also like to force the entry of the passphrase. Is there a solution or work-around?



I did solve this in the end, IIRC there is a file called “gpg-agent.conf” and you enter the line


There is also a line which says

default-cache-ttl <x> I think I set this to

default-cache-ttl 0

That seemed to make it work, I’m at work right now so I can’t remember exactly. I will check when I get home and verify it for you :slight_smile: