Kgpg unable to open file after importing public key

I created a key pair in kgpg on suse 11.1 kgpg version 1.2.2. i am able to encrypted and decrypted files on the pc with no issues. I then exported the public key for the key pair created above, placed on flash drive and moved to my laptop running suse 11.2.

i open kgpg version 2.2.2 and imported the key, all was good. I then passed the file encrypted on 11.1 to the 11.2 laptop and with kgpg tried to decrypt the file, but the decrypting failed. The details shows the public key i just imported and then it says gpg:decryption failed: No Secret key.

I am not clear why on it is failing and if i missed a step some where along the way.

Any help would be appreciated.



A guy on IRC wanted to answer your question, but didn’t want to create an account, so I’m acting as proxy:

[12:05] <Dakon> just tell her that she needs the private key to _de_crypt and the public key to _en_crypt