Kgpg and Kwallet decryption error

Click on the link, it will open into a browser to go to my dropbox to view the PNG files.

somehow the decryption process is bad and I can’t figure out how to fix. I have deleted the Kwallet and KGpg and it is still giving these screens.

It is not entirely clear what you are doing or what you are trying to do.

For me, when kwallet needs to open, I get a GUI popup with the window title something like “pinentry”. And that’s where I enter the GPG encryption key.

If you have just setup gpg for the first time, then logout and login again. If “.gnupg” exists, then a “gpg-agent” process is started for your desktop session. But if you have just setup your key, then “.gnupg” did not exist when you first logged in, and “gpg-agent” is not running. That cause gpg decryption commands to fail, because they depend on gpg-agent.

Note that I am guessing as to one possibility of what the problem might be.