Kgpg and encrypt clipboard does not work

I highlight text in an email, “cut”. Right click KGPG, encrypt clipboard, select my own public key, go back to email and “paste” and it appears in plaintext! WTF

I tested it in kwrite too. Wrote the text “hello world”, highlight, cut, encrypt clipboard, select my public key, paste, “hello world” appears! WTFx2

Any Kgpg users out there?

Yes, I too noticed that encrypt/decrypt clipboard is not working. But, if I try to sign the clipboard, it is bringing up the signed content in the editor.

I know that WinPT, and PGP cost-free version are able to sign and/or encrypt the clipboard without opening an editor and copy the output back to the clipboard for a quick CTRL+V. What are comps for if you have to do this yourself :Xrotfl!

I think a bug should be filed for this.

I might submit a bug report -> when my exams are over (last week of June). I have been amassing them in a ‘bugs.txt’ file on my desktop!

It’s fixed (see Dakons blog). But please report bugs using, I only found this by luck as I was searching for KGpg on google to see what other people say about it.

Thanks for that. Sorry for not reporting it sooner. I just moved on, and got used to my ‘workaround’ :wink: