kgoldrunner help

OK, has anyone ever made through the full 100 levels of kgoldrunner that ships with opensuse 11.3? I am stuck on level 85 and can not figure out how to finish this level. There seems to be absolutely no way to get to the top of the screen so that I can make it all the way over to the right to drop down and pick up the piece of gold. this game has been very addicting but now its frustrating because it doesn’t seem possible to finish it. :?

Timing is everything; you have to bridge the gap that stands between you and the gold by killing one of the enemies, then running over top of the enemy as it falls through the gap. There is no guarantee killing every enemy will result in it falling in the right place; you may need to kill an enemy a few times before it falls in the right place. Be sure you’re in position to step on his head when he falls, but not in a position to be killed if one should appear somewhere else near the top of the screen.

I used to play this back when it was a Mac game called “Loderunner.” Now I’m trying to re-learn it - can’t get through “The Lattice” (Level 009). How do you access the gold on the second tier, left-hand side? The trap doesn’t go all the way through to that level, there aren’t two levels of brick in a row over that tier, and the enemies don’t fill the trap to the top, or allow you to step on them to reach the other side.

Actually, thinking of another level (clearly) - not sure how to grab the gold in 85. Will continue to work on it… do you know how to clear the ledge in “the Lattice”?

No need to kill, just open path on the left side of the platform that is right in the middle, jumping through open space and move toward the very top of the gold, get ready to jump and run to the right and then up.

Marcio Gil.