kfilebox / dropbox

I’d appreciate it if someone could teach me a little about kfilebox (the KDE integration of dropbox).

I’ve downloaded and installed via yast from the OSS repo.
Run the installer which progresses to download the daemon and then asks me to “run the gtk installer or simply link with account”.
I select to link with account and it goes through a few more steps for the initial installation (adds a folder in Home and gives a short tour).

It seems to work perfectly but the problem I am having is that every time I reboot my system or simply log out of KDE and log back in it downloads the dropbox daemon again and then choose between “run gtk installer or link account”.
Is this what it should be doing? Does it really need to download the daemon every time I reboot? It doesn’t seem like the daemon download is a tiny download (takes about a minute on a fast adsl connection).

Many thanks

You don’t want that

Dropbox guide is here

that’s awesome - thank you very much.
All working now.

So what is the difference between this and kfilebox?
They appear both visually and in functionality to be identical.

BTW, sevicemenu doesn’t work. Seems like it’s outdated.

hmmmmm . . . indeed. The servicemenu does seem broken.

e.g. when selecting to copy or move to public folder and write link to clipboard this is what is written to clipboard (and nothing is copied or moved)

Couldn’t get public url: Illegal Argument: The path “/Public/car2.jpg” does not exist

generating a public url and then trying to use that URL results in a 403 error

It’s working here

I never had any joy with kfilebox though

To get it working you have to update /usr/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/dropbox-scripts/dropbox_menu.sh and update dropbox_path, the whole script seems to be broken. Dropbox 3.0.3 uses different config files.