Keystrokes Not Showing Up on Repeated keys

I’m having keyboard troubles under OpenSuse 11.1 Kernel that I have yet to resolve.

When I type an individual key once then I am OK but when I try to type the same key twice like 8088 then the second letter/keystroke fails to show up unless I make a distinct pause between the two repeated keys.

My laptop is a Lenovo ThinkPad R61e Type 7649-CTO. The problem happens both with the built-in keyboard and with an external USB keyboard - a Keytronics Model KT80U1NP. Thus I doubt in the extreme that it is a hardware problem.

To add to the evidence, when I reboot and go into Windows XP Pro (my apologies) using the exact same hardware - internal and external keyboards - there is NOT a keyboard problem under Windows XP Pro.

I have googled for “linux keyboard problems” and found some suggestions that this is a kernel bug in 2.6. This would make sense, since Windows obviously does not use the linux kernel.

And as for trying 11.2, I did and I had such a dim screen on the laptop that I had to fall back to 11.1.

Please offer suggestions. I have tried YaST, Sax2, and searched for timing issues in the keyboard repeat rate, all to no avail. under YaST I have the keyboard set to IBM ThinkPad R61, USA, basic. And the problem occurs both with the keyboard repeat enabled and with it disabled.