keystroke substritution

I’m looking for a program that can replace keystrokes with a predefined string. This is available in windows in the program AutoHotkeys

So when I type te# this should be replaced by telegraaf

This should happen in each application so it will have to be something close to the keyboard input.

I’ve been searching for this for quite some time but can’t really find much on it for linux but I’m certain something like this should exist.

It will depend on whether you are using KDE or Gnome; Look for keyboard shortcuts. In KDE 3.5 it’s under Regional in the Control Centre. In KDE 4 it will be under Settings somewhere. I expect Gnome has a similar facility.

I’m using KDE so I checked keyboard shortcuts as advised.

I don’t think this is actually doing what I want to achieve. I know about keyboard shortcuts but they only assign a predefined action in an application to a certain combination of keys like Alt+F1.

I want something close but not exactly like this. When I type a certain string in a program for example dm# (to make it unique) I want that replaced by Home | Mail Online. Under windows this can be done via AutoHotkeys and it saves me a lot of typing for standard actions like this.