Keyring messed up

Hello everybody,

since the migration from Suse10.3 to 11x86_64 my Gnome keyring is messed up.
I want it to unlock all keys on login automatically.
Before I had to unlock it manually (which was inconveniet but acceptable).
After the migration I have to enter the DSL authentication by hand AND unlock the keyring manually afterward. (That makes three passwords: login, DSL and keyring. ****!)

I have no idea why these passwords aren’t simply stored in the login keyring, as they are intended to be. Can anybody help me?

Could be there are multiple keyrings defined.

You could try removing the default (and other keyrings) by going to Control Center > Encryption and Keyrings and removing the keyrings you see specified there.
Logout/Login and a new key set will be created that you can default to a blank password.

The keyring files are stored in /home/<username>/.gnome2/keyrings.

Deleting these files and re-logging in should have the same effect.

You will have to reenter all previously stored passwords but it might fix the issue you are having.

Hope that helps,

Thanks, but I tried that already.
There were two keyrings. I deleted both and reinstalled the one called ‘login’. Anyway, it was marked as the default one all the time and the weird behaviour didn’t change.

I think that I’m facing in fact two real bugs: one of NetworkManager and one of Seahorse.
Seahrose won’t unlock on login.
I didn’t mention that the DSL password is stored only in NetworkManager. If I enable ‘System setting’, I can’t connect anymore. Yet the password is present and it still keeps asking for it.
I’ll talk to the gnome people directly and maybe file a bug report.

If anybody encountered the same problems, I’d still be glad for feedback.