Keyboard Volume Keys not working with KMix

Hi, guys. Quirky little problem here. After a botched attempt to resize my HDD partitions with gparted, I ended up having to re-install a fresh copy of SuSE 10.3. (Don’t want to go to 11.0 just yet; I’ll hang fire till 11.1.)

Now when I try to control my KMix master system volume with my low-end HP keyboard’s volume keys, the master volume-levels meter pops up, as it’s supposed to do, right by the KMix speaker icon in the widgets section of the K Panel. But I can’t actually get the volume keys to make it move up and down.

Interestingly, if I go into YaST’s hardware settings and fiddle with the keyboard-model selection (e.g, move it to a different keyboard and then back again), the volume control will suddenly start working and stay working through the rest of the session. However, it goes straight back to non-responsive if I log off and then back on, and only going back to YaST again will fix it.

Any thoughts? Could it be something as simple as just un-installing and re-installing a bad install of KMix or one of the other components? (And, if so, which one?) Or should I look somewhere else?



Hi doctor-frog,

Did you think of looking for the lastest KMix version? Sometimes running an older version might be the problem. Sometimes using the latest might also be the problem! Make sure you have the same KMix version as previously (and then try a newer one), so if it still does not work then it could be related to something else and who knows what.

I know there exist a tool to make it a lot easier to setup kbd buttons in Linux, it’s possible using such a tool will help (even if you never had to in the past). The one I am thinking about is called KEYTOUCH. They do mice too.

Check if you have the “hotkey-setup” installed. It is in the main OSS repository. This is a script that enables laptop extra keys at boot, not sure if it will help you but worth a look-see.

If you can get it to work in Yast but only temporarily, it appears to be a matter of forcing the correct keycode setup at boot.


thanks guys. In answer:

yes, I do have the latest KMix (and I’ve tried several installs and uninstalls by now).

turns out the description for ‘hotkey-setup’ says the programme is aimed at laptops, rather than desktops. In any case, the problem isn’t that the OS can’t recognise the keys – as I’ve said, punching them actually does bring up the KMix volume slider; it just doesn’t work! (and, to clarify: after doing a fresh setup in YaST, the keys will become responsive, even after YaST is closed … basically till the next session logout or system re-boot.)

'preciate it all the same, though.