Keyboard unresponsive


I’m a new user to Linux and OpenSUSE so I need a bit of hand holding. :wink:

I’m trying to the install 11.1 KDE 4 from the LiveCD on a DELL PE 2450, PS/2 keyboard and mouse, VGA monitor, SCSI disk. I have the PERC turned off since that could cause problems. It does see the disks and presents me with proposed partitioning

I get to the boot menu and can use the keyboard to select Media Check and that goes fine, no errors, but when it trys to proceed to the install it hangs.

I can reboot to and this time select Fail Safe settings. The loads the kernel and takes me to the KDE desktop. I click on the installer and Yast launches and I move through the dialog to the point of entering the user and password and at this point the keyboard is unresponsive.

I see in the HCL that a DELL 2650 so I thought a 2450 would also work. In any event a keyboard is a pretty basic device.

Is there any hope? Or am I stuck with windoz?

This box is supposed to be able to run Red Hat…


Try this first.
Add these boot arguments to the default boot:
acpi=off noapic

If that doesn’t work try adding them to failsafe.

If still need workaround, remove all boot arguments and just type in the number 3
See if you can login with username: root
hit enter ↵ a couple of times
You can now try typing startx

If startx fails to load a UI desktop try this at the root prompt
sax2 -r -m 0=vesa
(that’s a Zero=vesa)
Then startx again


Thanks for the help.

It’s copying files now.

The first option got it to boot in the standard mode.

The keyboard was still unresponsive, but I tried something else. I recalled a rumor I had heard that some software wasn’t compatible with KVM switches. So I bypassed my KVM and that worked.

I’m hoping that after it’s fully installed it will work with the KVM.

BTW. It’s Tripp Lite 8 port KVM


Ok, it rebooted and finished the installation and so far seems OK.

Also I switched back to the KVM and that seem to work now.

Now if I can figure out how to do all of the things I know how to do in that “other” OS.


Here is some ideas
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