Keyboard undetected at boot time

I have triple boot configuration on Lenovo Y500 with Vista on sda1, xp on sda4 and suse 11.0 on sda8, sda7 being the swap. When i boot into suse after restarting from XP, keyboard is not responding. Not even esc key works during boot. I am unable to login as well. To use the keyboard i have to reboot after logging into Failsafe mode. Other way is to reboot the system continuously. When i use a USB keyboard, all goes well.

Also the touch pad does not work. Only the USB mouse works.

This problem was there earlier but it was not there during every reboot. Recently i reinstalled Suse 11.0 and the problem happens every time i reboot into Suse.

I have searched and tried a lot but nothing worked. Kindly provide me a solution.
Thanks in advance.

Weird, try booting with this kernel parameter in Grub: irqpoll
If it works we might find some other more suitable option.

Just out of curiosity, after rebooting from XP, try unplugging the laptop, take out the battery, press power button, place back the battery and boot to Suse. See if it works that way.

Before Windows XP you couldn’t type or with a usb keyboard or move a usb mouse outside the OS; probably because those drivers where to new. Maybe you have the reversed problem now; that ps/2 drivers are to old. Try with a usb mouse and keyboard and see what happens.

Refer this thread: can’t login - openSUSE Forums

I hope this helps you.

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It works fine with usb mouse and keyboard…

Yes it works with irqpoll… But after restarting from Suse also the keyboard is not working… I rebooted with irqpoll parameter and it works fine… Is there any permanent solution available?

Yes, edit your /boot/grub/menu.lst file and add irqpoll option to the kernel line.
Check all the system works fine with that option, sound, powersave or suspend to ram, whatever you are using.

Hey OP, did you edit your xorg.conf file by any chance?

Keyboard settings are found in that file, and I can’t see them getting this messed up on their own, without some kind of intervention on your part.

If I’m wrong, I apologize, but without knowing more, this is my best guess.

with irqpoll keyboard works fine but not the touchpad(ALPS). Also suspend to RAM didn’t work even earlier. It doesn’t work now as well.

ok, you try adding acpi=force to the line along with irqpoll or changing both with acpi=noirq

Both of these doesn’t work either. Or is there any driver available for this?

I only boot suse 11 but I have been having the same problem. At first (after installing suse 11 which was on the 17th October 2008) everything worked fine; in the past 3 days, however, whenever I booted up the key board would respond when I pressed “Enter” to boot the default kernel but then it would freeze after that! Not even the esc key during the rest of the boot process! Each time my wireless mouse worked fine! Irrespective of the number of times I “shutdown” and started again, the keyboard would not work but every time I used my mouse to select “restart” (the choice is only possible if the mouse is used as nothing else works at this point!) everything worked fine thereafter! I have now added the “irqpoll” option to the kernel option in /boot/grub/menu.lst and everything has been fine the past 2 times I have booted up.

PS: I’m sure this post is not necessary as the problem is sorted but I thought it might be useful in case anybody was starting to get the idea that it only happens to those with multiple boot systems; additionally I’ve noted that other people have had a similar problem in which their wireless/usb peripherals did not work unless they were plugged in after the boot process was complete.

I also have the same problem as above.
Triple boot with Xp, Ubuntu and the most recent SuSe.
Initially I faced the same problem with ubuntu, had to change some configuration and the problem was resolved. I am new to this operating system. Plz help me with this.