keyboard switching shortcut does not survive reboot

Hi. I have a fresh install of Leap 15, about a month old. Plasma desktop. I’m trying to sort out the last minor inconvenience so I can get on with my life. :wink: The issue is that I use two keyboard layouts (English and Russian). For several versions of opensuse I have been using the Shft-Shft combination to toggle back and forth. I’ve set that up through Configure Desktop -> Input Devices -> Keyboard -> Layouts, and it actually works as expected.

The problem is that when I reboot the laptop, the shortcut doesn’t work. I can go to the above location, change “Switch Policy” from “Global” to “Desktop”, or visa versa, and “Apply”, and all is good again. All my setting are remembered, they are just not applied. It seems like there must be a service or similar that is not getting started automatically, but which is being launched by the “Apply” button. Ideas? Thanks!

As this seems to be being a desktop setting, I am amazed that it is lost only after a reboot. Are you sure it is NOT lost after log-out/log-in?

You are correct, of course. It’s a single user system, so I basically never log out. But yes, it would be more correct to say that the shortcut does not survive logout.

It is not only “more correct”, it is a crucial piece of information to avoid that people are starting to look for a solution in the wrong place!

And while there maybe only one user that uses the system regularly, this thus not change the fact that Unix/Linux systems are multi-user/multi-session systems. Forgetting this will really not help you in understanding how your system works in a lot of aspects.

I resolved this issue by disabling ibus. To do that I set INPUT_METHOD = “none” in /etc/sysconfig/language. Hope this helps someone. :slight_smile: