Keyboard shortcuts - Move window to primary or secondary display

I have two displays on my suse 13.1 KDE and sometimes the second one remains turned off, but the applications remember their last state and load on it.

Is there a way to create shortcuts to move\switch focused windows to first\secondary display ? I’m sure I saw something about this somewhere, but can’t find it !

Yes. You can set them up like any other shortcut: Configure Desktop (KDE’s Systemsettings)->Shortcuts and Gestures->Global Shortcuts.

Select “KWin” as component, and you should find “Move window to next screen” and “Move window to previous screen”, as well as “Window to screen X” in the list.

Yes, that was it !

It didn’t work with “Move window to previous screen” and “Move window to next screen” though, I had to use “Move window Screen 0” and “Move window Screen 1”

Thanks a lot !