Keyboard settings reset when (re-)attaching a USB keyboard

I’m using KDE (Plasma 5) on a laptop.

Each time I re-attach my USB keyboard, my keyboard repeat rate settings won’t be restored to that keyboard, everything’s back at the defaults. Opening system settings and changing the rate, apply, change it back fixes this. So does xset r rate ....

The same for the keyboard layout: I use a layout with dead keys, but each time I plug my keyboard in, this gets reset to a nodeadkeys variant.

Note that I have to fix the keyboard layout (change to some variant, apply, change it back to the default variant) and then the repeat rate, as changing the layout also resets the repeat rate.

Expected behaviour: The USB keyboard is configured as specified in the system settings correctly when I plug it in.

Any ideas?

To make persistent I guess you would need to set it up in xorg.confg.d

Yes, this should be a possible work around, of course.

However, it worked fine in KDE 4. I mean, the project put a lot of energy into not having to touch the X configuration as a user, ever. And there’s a whole configuration dialog with three tabs where I can configure every aspect of my keyboard. This worked already 20 years ago, in SuSE 6.0 (yes, 6.0) in KDE … was it 2? or 3? I’m pretty sure that those keyboard settings in KDE are supposed to actually do something. :wink: