Keyboard setting to mimic windows "US - International"

What would be the keyboard setting to mimic the behavior of the keyboard under windows when it’s set to “United States - International” ?

I’ve always used this under windows and got used to it… so I’d like to set the same under openSUSE.
As every change of the keyboard layout seems to require a x-server restart I’d rather not test them all.

I’ll give some examples of the behaviour I’m after

  • ctrl+alt+4 for a euro sign.*]a single quote isn’t put on the screen till the next key is hit, if it’s a space or a non vowel it turn’s into a single quote '.
    If it’s a vowel it turns into an accent, é, í, ó, ú - ctrl+alt+? turns into ¿

Okay so much for examples… googling the characters is not much fun :slight_smile:

As a rule Ctl is not used to access characters; only Alt-Gr. So I don’t know if it is possible. On the UK version € is Alt-4, no need for Ctl.