Keyboard not working in steam games

Hello all,

A month or two ago I noticed that after launching a steam game such as Dawn of War:Soulstorm my keyboard stopped working in the game. I’m running 12.1 with wine I have searched for solutions in wineHQ but was not able to find anything helpful to me. I thought the problem might be related to this bug: WineHQ Bugzilla – Bug 31374 – Steam text invisible with dwrite.dll enabled , which I work around by running -no-drwrite. But even if I manage to get the game running without using -no-dwrite, the keyboard still does not work. Any suggestions or solutions? I’ve only been able to test the Dawn of War series of games as that is what I have installed on my linux comp. Thanks in advance.

Figured out that it works with the virtual desktop enabled. Don’t know why but I think I’ve solved the problem.