keyboard not working after Suspend to disk

i am running openSUSE 11 with KDE 4.2.3
I can’t Suspend to RAM or Disk from the KDE menu. It simply won’t work! But turn off and log out works.
Now i discovered i can Suspend to disk through kpowersave. But when i do so i get–

“Could not umount external media before suspend/standby. (Reason: Could not call DCOP interface to umount external media.) Would you like to continue suspend/standby anyway? (Warning: Continue suspend can cause data loss!)”

I ‘continued anyway’ and when i returned to the system by turning it on it gives some warning like-- DCOP interface cannot be mounted. And i discover i cannot use my keyboard. Touchpad works though.

(thanks to people at #suse) :wink:
In KDE 4.2.3, the powermanager in PowerDevil. So deactivate all other powermanagers like kpowersave.
It will work only if we uninstall powersave (and its lib) and kpowersave through Yast.