keyboard not working after 10.3 upgrade

I hope someone can help:

Following upgrade to 10.3, I can no longer type anything when the graphical interface is running - so not even at login.
All I get is a pause, then a rapid long stream of unknown characters in the password field.

I can log in from failsafe and have tried running sax2 - no problem with keyboard everything types fine. Until I try and use X/KDE again - then same as before.

NB - at boot up I notice that there are a massive number of errors starting when udevd starts, the first one is “invalid ATTRS operation” then followed by lines and lines of add_to_rules: errors. I guess this is connected? but really have no idea what it means or how to clear it.

I also checked that xf86config is linked to xorg.conf - it is.

There is nothing special about the PC or keyboard - its been working on SuSe 9.3 until yesterday with no hardware issues.

Further info (being still stuck)

after trying (re) install I can type my password ONCE to log in, but then some seconds later, all keyboard input turn into a random stream of gibberish


NB I can <ctrl><alt><f3>and get a normally functioning command line log-in, but where to start?

I keyboard failure can happen from one moment to an other , it happens to me

OK, I’ve given up now.

Clean install on spare disk and copy across the home directory seems to work, but now the drudge of re-configuring all my system level apps :frowning: