Keyboard layout problems

Hi all !

I want install Russian keybord layout on install (OpenSUSE 11.1 x64) or after installation. But I have wrong keyboard layout.

See this](

Is it only for me or Have OpenSuse 11.1 wrong russian lang ? I have good russian lang installation on OpenSUSE 10.3.

that is ugly! (inside the red circle)…

i’ve not heard of this problem before so i can only guess it is just
for you…why might that be? maybe you are using a keyboard that the
11.1 install script doesn’t recognize? (is it a special keyboard? USB,
wireless, whatever?)

oh, and what happens if you click on that button named “Expert
Settings”…i’ve never had occasion to use it, but maybe it has a
section to pick YOUR keyboard (rather than the one the install script
thinks you have!)

AND!! there are differences between 10.3 and 11.x…enough
differences that i (and many others) are still hanging on to 10.3 as
our daily user…and HOPING that 11.2 turns out to be stable enough
to use…

AND! if you have been using KDE3 you are probably gonna be lost if you
install KDE4…

one thing i would do for SURE is keep available 10.3 until you know
for certain that 11.1 serves you as it should…AND make a copy of
your 10.2 /etc/X11/xorg.conf

in fact, i recommend you do a complete system backup; put your /home
and all created data on separate partitions; and then do a fresh
install of 11.1’s on a formatted system (/) partition…upgrading is
usually a problem…

finally, you might need to check with a local user group, see: on that keyboard/language

but, hey! you ARE welcome here and i hope a Russian user drops in soon
and fixes you right up!

/( )

Had a similar problem once, only fixed after I changed the keyboard (old was ps2, new is usb). It seems it was a hardware problem.

:frowning: Sorry, It’s my mistake - I install Linux from ILO (!!!)

dimaonline wrote:
> :frowning: Sorry, It’s my mistake - I install Linux from ILO (!!!)

what is an ILO, and how was installing from it a mistake?

/( )

ILO - iLO (Integrated Lights-Out) for HP ProLiant servers

PS: Keyboard layout from console work OK.

i had the same trouble! Try Yast2-System-Language.
Select primary language “Russian” and mark “Adapt kb layout to Russian”. Удачи,земляк!